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What is School Self Evaluation (SSE) ?

School Self Evaluation (SSE) is a collaborative, reflective, inclusive process of internal school review. During SSE, the principal, deputy principal and teachers, under the direction of the board of management and the patron and in consultation with the parents and students, engage in reflective enquiry on the work of the school.

School self-evaluation is primarily about school improvement and development.

School Self Evaluation (SSE)

School self-evaluation is a collaborative, inclusive, and reflective process of internal school review. An evidence-based approach, it involves gathering information from a range of sources and then making judgments. All of this with a view to bringing about improvements in students’ learning.

Key Guidance Documents

School Self Evaluation 2016 to 2020 – The Next Cycle

The first cycle of school self-evaluation finished at the end of the academic year 2016. In 2012, schools all over the country began to engage with this new process and the various aspects that needed to be addressed. 
Over the past four years, we have developed and implemented school improvement plans (SIPs) for literacy, numeracy, and an aspect of teaching and learning we selected ourselves. This aspect was Instructional Leadership. Please see our staff handbook designed by our teaching and learning committee.
The second cycle of SSE has started in September 2016 and will last till the end of the school year in 2020
A summary of the SSE report and SIP is available below also.
SSE is our school’s own process. 

School Self-Evaluation enables schools:

  • To take the initiative in improving the quality of education that they provide for their students.
  • To affirm and build on what is working well.
  • To identify areas in need of development and to decide on actions that should be taken to bring about improvements in those areas.
  • To report to the school community about the strengths in the work of the school and its priorities for improvement and development.

Teachers reflect on their work and on the learning that their students achieve as part of their daily professional work. For many years schools have used the school development planning process to identify what is working well and what might need to be improved. School self-evaluation is a way in which this process of reflection, improvement and development can take place in a more systematic way.

School self-evaluation places greater emphasis on collecting, examining and sharing evidence about the work of the school when making decisions about what is working well and what areas need to be improved and developed.

School self-evaluation improves students’ learning. Experience in Ireland and in other countries shows that when teachers reflect on their own practice regularly and focus on improving teaching and learning in classrooms, they can improve the learning achieved by students.
School self-evaluation enriches the professional lives of teachers. Teachers who engage in SSE reflect on how they teach and share ideas and questions with their colleagues in a professionally rewarding and supportive way.

Key School Related SSE School Documents & Links

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