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(For those that would not normally use Google Classroom)

Ms Mohan's lessons2nd and 5th year have upcoming tests on algebra. Please prepare for these. 3rd and 6th year have exam papers that they are working on. Please continue to work on these.

Mr Daly's lessons: 1st years - Work on Credit Union Art competition. Theme is 'Set your imagination free'. Piece is A3 size and in landscape format. Due Thursday week. 2nd years - Work on observational drawing based on your theme. 3rd years - Work on Junior Cert projects. 5th years - Those who have not yet completed Credit Union competition entries to complete those and submit by tomorrow. Others to work on observational drawing based on their theme.  6th years - Read ahead on Iron Age Art in Ireland. Complete short test on Iron Age given to you on Friday.

Ms Mc Hugh's lessons: 
First years to go back over chapter one and practice the piece on Mé Féin/Mo Chlann for the presentation
Second years study letters for the upcoming test and go back over the vocab on the school. 
Third study chapter on sláinte. 
Fifth years are to study for their upcoming oral test next wk. Students that were at music on Friday will do the test they missed 
6th year students are to complete the story on a robbery which is at the bottom of the sheet given on Friday. Study also the beginning and ending given for writing stories.

Ms Stewart's lessons: 
Leaving Cert  Cert Home Economics students - Higher Level paper - 2013 and 2015  short Q's 1 -
Junior Cert
HEstudents :
- Ordinary Level Exam Paper - 2013 - All short questions. 

Ms Kennedy's lessons: 
5th yr
HE , Study pages 232-234 and do questions in the workbook on same. 
3rd yr HE, Study chaps. 16&17 for test on Friday and work on your Briefs. 
1st. yr HE, Study the notes in your copybook on the nutrients. 
TY HE, Work on your "Food/Culture Study" project.

Ms Mc Gurren's lessons: 
6th Year - Géibheann - read back over the poem. Read back over
notestaken on Friday. An Triail - read back over scenes from Act 1 and ensure that all short questions from Act 1 are complete.  
5th Year - Hurlamaboc - read back over the sections we have read so far. Complete questions which have been assigned. 
3rd Year - R
evision for Irish Oral Exam - Revise Sraithpictiúr 1 notes. Revise Rólghlacadh - Caitheamh Aimsire which we covered recently. Revise Comhrá questions - ensure that all questions for this are in the back of your
hard back copy (Mé Féin, Mo Chlann, An Teach, Mo Cheantar, An Scoil, Laethanta Saoire)  
2nd Year (Higher Level) - Eachtra / Scéal Chapter 1 - Iontas 1 RRead back over the sample in the textbook. All highlighted phrases/words should be written
into front of the hard back copy and revised. 
2nd Year (Ordinary Level) - Téacs / Ríomhphost -
E Mail Complete the work given on Friday - fill in the gaps on the sample in the front of the
hard back copy. Read back over the sample in the hard back copy and learn key phrases which were underlined on the sample text. 
1st Year - Group work - posters completed on famous families on Friday. Read back over chapter 1 and read back over
notestaken in your copy so you are familiar with vocabulary. 

Ms Canning 's lessons: 
1st English: Great Expectations 1: Do Assessment Activities at the end of chapter 1
1st French: Revise “Classroom Items” and “Numbers 1-20”
2nd English: Great Expectations 2: Read introduction to ch 2 – studying a novel
3rd English: Redraft “Julie’s diary entry“
5th English: Read Elizabeth Bishop’s “The Bight” Write a summary of the poem
6th English: Revise general notes on Comparative Modes ​Cultural Context ​Literary Genre ​General Vision and
Viewpoint .

Mr Griffin's lessons
Junior cert exam class and 1st - 2nd -5th years currently working on practical
6th year - attempt Engineering question 1. higher - level 2016. 

Ms O Donnell 's lessons
6th year Irish - revise all
sraith pictiúr 
3rd year Irish - revision of '
sraith pictiúr 2' and 'Litir'  (test Thursday) 
2nd year Irish -
Lch. 23 - Iontas 3
1st year Irish -
Lch. 21 - Iontas 1
5th year Irish - Revise '
colscaradh' - Test next week.

Ms Dunnion' s lessons:
1E History: read over the chapter on Neolithic Age and look at the main differences between Mesolithic and Neolithic Ages.
6th Year English: Read back over the poems studied and notes relating to Hopkins in preparation
foressay to be submitted in coming weeks.
2G English: Read back over 'Wind in
theWilllows' extract and write a few sentences on each of the following : (i) Introduction (ii) development of plot (iii) Climax (iv) Resolution.
2C History: Read section on Plantation of Laois-Offaly in preparation for tomorrow's class
5th Year English: Write a paragraph on the differences between 'September 1913' and 'Easter 1916' by W.B. Yeats.
1D English: Read some chapters from your 'DEAR' (reading class) Novel.

Ms Mc Geehin's lessons: 
3rd year History -  revise chapter 20 Political Developments for test on Wednesday 18th.
1st year Irish - read comprehension ‘Éadaoin
agus a cairde’ on page 27 ‘Iontas 1’ do questions 1,2,3,4,5.
3rd year Irish - study ‘Sraith Pictiúr 4’ from ‘Iontas 3’.
2F History - continue to read the special study on Martin Luther from your History textbook and write 12 valid facts on him into your hardbacks.
6th year Irish - revise for poetry test on Wednesday 18th. The test is based on the poem ‘Colscaradh’ go over all previous notes and previous exam questions.
2E History - read over the Laois & Offaly Plantation and write 10 points on that plantation into your hardbacks.

Ms Keeny's lessons:
Jc and LC groups - please continue with n
Next two exam papers (short questions. Revise chapter 1-nutrition 
Ms Carr's lessons: Work detailed on Google Classroom - a number of 3rd years have not joined group...code required => 2v042g

Ms Mc Nulty's lessons:
LCA - no access to work, folders in school.
1st year Irish - study notes on 'Sibh
Milis' - test on Friday
5th year Irish - Study for test Friday - Culscaradh poem
2nd year Irish - Study postcard phrases. Test Monday.
5th Year Spanish - Study diary entry notes. Test next Monday
1st year Spanish - study
verns - SER & TENER.

Ms Mc Goldrick's lessons:
1st years; revise over notes on chapter 2.
2nd years; revise over algebra chapters for
3rd years; practice
5th years; revise algebra chapters and make sure all notes for algebra from
googleclassroom are written up in hardback to handup this friday
6th years; exam papers, paper1 2017 complete.

Teresa Mc Devitt's lessons
2nd year Science (both classes) – Study Ch 28 & 29 for
test, which will now be on this Friday.
3B Science – Study first 4 chapters in Physics (Ch 36 – 39)
3E Science – Study first 4 chapters in Chemistry (Ch 21 – 24)
5th Yr Biology – Study Ch 3 (Food) – Carbohydrates & Lipids
6th Yr Biology – Fill out revision sheets on breathing chapter (google classroom)
6th Physics – Fill out as much of the revision sheets as you can, on electricity (google classroom).

Ms. Gallen's lessons:
2nd yr Home Economics class. 
Chp 8. Cereals & Home Baking in
workbook. Page 66 -71 inclusive, please complete Questions 1-10 due tomorrow morning. Revise & study this section for test this Friday. Bring book, workbook etc. to class tomorrow for theory lesson.. no practical. 
5th yr HE. class: Research and read all information on Jam
Assignment  posted on google classroom and other sources you investigated as well. Plan the layout/information for the first 2 pages of the assignment for tomorrow's lesson.

Ms Dillon's lessons:
First and second years - Read the next chapter in your assigned novel.
Third, Fifth, LC - See google classroom.

Ms Duddy's lessons:
6th year Biology - Studying for October Assessment (Weds); Scientific method; Cell structure; Cell Diversity; Movement through cell membranes
3rd year groups (3A and 3F) - Studying for test on water chapter (Thursday)
2nd year groups (2B and 2G) - Studying for test on energy and heat (This week)

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