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Work for Lessons - Thursday 1st & Friday 2nd March 2018

Ms Mulrain - Google Classroom, Code 19db47

Ms Logue - Google Classroom

Ms Mohan, work as follows
1st year - prepare for your probability test 
2nd year - test postponed to Monday. Make sure there is plenty of preparation made for that test. It would be good practice to check out the exam questions on examinations.ie

3rd year - continue working on exam papers starting now from 2014 paper 
5th year - continue working on the 3D diagrams. All questions on that section are now to be completed
6th year - continue working on exam papers 

Ms Kane, work as follows
5th years LCVP: Work experience must be completed and continue with Summary Report.
TY Enterprise: Continue with research for cereal branding project.
TY Spanish: Use linguascope to practise work experience vocabulary.

Special Tuition: Continue with IDL

Ms Rooney, work as follows
6th yr LCVP- Case study questions. Read and answer the questions on the attached sheet.
3rd yr SEN- complete the algebra questions attached.
1st yr Active leisure- complete the positivity/self esteem worksheet attached using your answers from this worksheet draw a poster that describes you as this person.
TY- update your eportfolio and reflective journal.


Ms Ch Gallagher
1f- history question 2 pg73 summary table on Ancient Rome 
2a- history revolutions questions pg212
2c - geog settlement pg234 question 6
5th yrs- pg 334 questions 7/8
3b 3D and leaving certs - corrections of mock papers

Ms Mc Hugh
1st years 

Do pages 108 1,2 and 3
109 fógra and lúbra focal
110 Meaitseáil and léamhthuiscint
Revise all vocab in the chapter
2nd years
Revise the letters on post
samhraidh and ag bogadh tí. Make sure the vocab for both letters is written in the hardback notebook.
Learn all of the points on the poem Luichín sa scoil
3rd years 
Thurs do the 2016 post card writing a full A4 page
Fri do the 2015 post card from exam papers
5th years
Thurs - do the first léamhthuiscint from chapter two of Dreimire
ri - do the second léamhthuiscint from chapter 2 of Dréimire
Revise the last sraith pictiúr - breoite ar scoil for a test on Mon
6th years
Do the exam question on Mo Ghrá-sa below
(i) cad a deir an file faoin bhfear i véarsa a haon?
(ii) cá bhfásfaidh nóiníní?
(iii) conas atá ribí a ghruaige?
(iv) cén dá rud a thugann sé don fhile?
Luaigh dhá íomha agus scríobh cuntas ar dhá íomha atá sa dán seo
Luaigh rud amháin a thaitin leat agus rud amháin nár thaitin leat faoin dán seo
Revise all the s.p 1-5
Study the notes on the above poem

Mr Cassidy
Work for examination classes posted on Google Classroom. Other work as follows:
1st Year Spanish- Greetings and Feelings
2nd Year Spanish- Future Tense
5th Year French- Plurals/La Mode

Ms Mc Devitt
2A - study chapters 16 - 19 for test, last class on Monday.
2E - study chapter 3 and do these questions. Pg 29 Q3.10 and Pg 30 Q3.15
3B and 3E - correct Physics sections in your mock papers
5th Biology - Study Respiration for your test on Tuesday
6th Biology - mock papers - correct questions you attempted in section C
6th Physics - mock papers Q6, 9 and 12 (a)(b) and (c)

Ms Gavigan,
Work added to Google Classroom
3rd and 6th years to continue correcting mock papers.
2nd and 5th to study for respective tests on Monday. 

Themathstutor.ie is offering free access to online tutorials specific to JC and LC curriculum while red weather warning is in place. All students should avail of this excellent resource as a study aid for the two days.

Ms Mc Goldrick
1st years;  p153 q1-6
2nd years; revise chapters;  the line and trig for test
3rd years; Using book chapter 12&25 practice all constructions.
5th years; work up on google classroom
6th years; work up on google classroom

Ms Begley/Ms Mc Cafferty
Work for 3rd & 6th year Business added to Google Classroom
Work for Ms MC Cafferty's 6th year Business class as follows:
Chapter 24 Europe.
The following is a
work sheet. Print & Fill in today with the help of a book. (No Book? open the powerpoint, link below)

Ms Gordon
Work added to Google Classroom for all lessons
1st, 2nd, 3rd Business, 5th & 6th lcvp, 6th Accounting 

(1st years are a new taster group so they do not know the code - it is 9awwf3o)

Ms Mc Nulty
Work added to Google Classroom - Code =>  gha6qn0

Ms Canning
1st English:
Today: Read over notes on staging a drama
Tomorrow: Answer literacy questions on "Lovers at Versailles" (Great Expectations 1)
2nd English:
Today: Answer literacy questions "Twelve Angry Men" (Great Expectations 2)
Tomorrow: Read "The Lady in Black" and answer literacy questions 
2nd French:
Today: Nouns and adjectives (notes in textbook and hardback copy)
Tomorrow: The passé compose using etre
3rd English:
Today: Read mock exam notes on Google Classroom
Tomorrow: Do question 10 (b) from mock exam paper
5th English:
Novel: Foster
Today: Revise summaries (ch 1 - 5)
Tomorrow: Answer the following questions:
1 How do you think the Kinsellas / the child will react if she has to return home?
2 Who is your least favourite character in the story so far? give reasons for your answer.
3 What is your impression of Mr Kinsella? Explain.
6th English:
Today: Read mock exam notes / marking scheme on Google Classroom
Tomorrow: Mock exam paper 2: Do the King Lear question you DIDN'T choose in the exam. Don't forget to use relevant quotes and references.

Ms Dillon
Work posted on google classroom for third, fifth and LCs. Work also posted for second years, but not all are members.
Second years:

Read something! (World book day). 
Look up poem But You Didn't-Merrill Glass. Write into hardback. Complete poetry analysis-theme, tone etc. Revise poetry technical terms.
First years:
Read something! (World book day)
Write a story(300 words)based on someone lost in the snow. Include illustrations.(Pictures) 

Ms Stewart
Work for 6th years posted on Google Classroom
3rd year -> Complete exam paper from book of exam papers. Study 'Resource Management' section of course for test on Tuesday 6th March.

Mr Lafferty
3rd year Geog classes-3B and 3C
Revision of Plate tectonics, earthquakes and volcanoes.
Use exam papers for sample questions.

3rd year History class- 3C.
Revision of section on exploration and discovery.
Choose one explorer and complete account 
on his life and achievements.

Ms Carr
6th and 3rd Year - See Google Classroom
5th Year - Complete chords and bass line on "Snowsheet' given earlier in the week.
2nd Year - Complete manuscript sheet for all 8 Set Songs and revise chart in copy for all 8 songs.
1st Year and TY - Find the names of 10 songs about the weather without using any device! 

Ms A O Donnell
Work added to Google classroom.

Mr Harvey
Classroom Code for a new class called All First Year Maths. Two previous Summer Tests posted to give students an idea what to expect in June.
Available for ALL first years.
Code:     d3m59bs
Work for all other classes. Click here

First Year Maths
Classroom Code for a new class called All First Year Maths. Two previous Summer Tests posted to give students an idea what to expect in June.
Available for ALL first years.
Code:     d3m59bs

Ms Mc Geehan
All Work has been posted on Google Classroom.

Ms Duddy
6th year Biology - see google classroom 
5th year Ag Science - see google classroom 
3A - join classroom with code - 573oteb
3F- join classroom with code - doyziis 
2B - join classroom with code - 0xqcxem - will have a test on genetics and evolution next Wednesday - notes will be on classroom if students have no textbooks home.
2G - join classroom with code - mkswplw - will have a test on 'building blocks' chapter next Thursday - notes will be on classroom if students have no textbooks home 

Ms Kennedy
5th yr : study vegetarian diets pages 75&76 and do the corresponding questions in the workbook . Complete the first two headings in the assignments booklet. Also revise chapter 17 'the family in society'.
3rd year:- Do all the long questions from your mock exam paper and revise chapter 1 'food and nutrition '. Bring in ingredients for cooking on Monday. 
1st yr: complete worksheet questions given for homework.

Ms Feeney
Work posted on Google Classroom. Code as follows: nvmx4s

Ms Mc Gurren
6th Year Irish -
Revise the Sraithpictiúr - Filleann an Fón. Go over the notes. Practice sentences and choose three questions you will ask.
Read back over notes in your
hard back copy - Comhrá quesions and your sample answers.
Practice reading the 5 poems for Oral Exam.
Léamhthuiscint B 2016 - you can do this and try and time yourself - approx 35 mins to give you practice on this question.
5th Year Irish-
Sraithpictiúr - Turas Scoile Go over the notes first and try and practice reading it out without your notes.
Preparation for next topic in Oral Exam - Obair / Post
pairtaimseartha - read over Blas Pages 17/18/19 There are notes and sample answers on these pages.
3rd Year Irish -
Revise An Aimsir Fháistineach which we did in class - it was asked on paper 1 Moch exam. Write up notes like I showed in class to make it easier to remember the verb endings.
Read over the two Léamhthuiscint on the Mock paper 1.
Revise An t-Ádh (Prose Story) and learn the summary.
Revise Reoiteog Mharfach (Poem) and learn the summary.
2nd Year Ordinary Level Irish -
Go over notes for Chapter we are doing - Mo Cheantar (My Area)
Write a paragraph (approx 15 lines) about where you live
Name of where you live (Ainm)
Describe your type of house (An  Teach)
Where is your house located (Faoin tuath / sa bhaile mór)
Any shops (Siopaí)
Facilities (Áiseanna)
Do you like where you live -why (Is maith liom / Ní maith liom )
Use your textbook (Iontas 2) for notes
2nd Year Higher Level Irish -
Finish off the Eachtra - notes given in class
Read back over your Eachtra and make sure your verbs are in the Aimsir Chaite/ check you have phrases / seanfhocail and a proper structure - definite paragraphs are written
Rólghlacadh - go back over the Rólghlacadh on Coláiste Bhríde (Lch 224) Practice your ten questions. Go back over basic questin words if you need to (Cad/ Céard / Cé mhéad ...)
Year Irish -
Letter Writing - revise over notes given in hard back copy on letters
Structure - Address (Seoladh) , Date (Dáta), Greeting (Beannú), Opening paragraph (Tús) and Ending (Críoch)
Chuaigh tú ag siopadóireacht le do chara le déanaí (recently)
Scríobh litir chuig do dheirfiúr faoi. Luaigh na pointí seo :
* cá raibh tú ag siopadóireacht
* dhá phointe faoi na siopaí
*dhá rud a cheanaigh
Remember the layout of the letter and for each point write a new paragraph.
Write your answer into your hard back copy.

Mr Daly
1st Year students - Observational drawing - Drawing of an object based on their theme in their sketchbook - (1/2 hour - 1 hour)
nd year students - Trial Junior Cert Project - Work on prep and support sheets for this - (1 - 2 hours)
3rd Year Students - Junior Cert Project
5th Year Students - Trial Leaving Cert Project - (1 - 2 hours)
6th Year Students - Revise History of Art/Planning for Leaving Cert Project

Ms Mc Callig
1st year Drawing home work for double class on Monday 2 pieces due one observational and one other.
2nd year do research for mini project and do some observational drawing.
3rd year project work and research for same. Observational drawing life or object. 
5th year research for Leaving cert theme and observational drawing.
6th year ideal opportunity to plan finished pieces for Leaving Cert exam work and research for same. Life drawing exam scheduled for this morning will take place Tuesday.

Mr Clarke
Work added to Google Classroom - codes as follows if required.
1A History: Code: csfvw6t

2E & 2G Geography: Code: 8wv4ej
3F History: Code: 3acmto0
5th Year History: Code: 6uisz1

Ms R O Donnell
Work detailed on the following link.
(Click on the word link.)

Mr O Donnell
Work added to Google Classroom.
6th year Mock Practical to be rescheduled for a further date, yet to be confirmed.

Ms Murray
Work added to Google Classroom and detailed below.
2nd year History - Revise French Revolution for test next week. 

3rd year English - Take down sample on Google Classroom to help you complete a question tomorrow. There will be two samples one for OL and HL. 
6th year English -  Take down sample article on Google Classroom to help you complete a question tomorrow.
1st year English - Research Wilfred Owen, poet. Write down 10 points on him. Ensure sites are credible i.e not wikipedia.
TY - Finish poster analysis on Google Docs

Ms Dunnion
Work added to Google Classroom. All students should have the relevant codes.

Ms Ní Dhonaill
Work added to Google Classroom. 

Ms Markey
Work detailed below is for Thursday 01/03/18, Friday 02/03/18 and weekend.

1st Year Geography for Class 1B and 1D:
Study chapter on Glaciation for test on Wednesday 7th March.
Answer the following question in your homework copies: Name one feature of glacial deposition and with the aid of a diagram, explain how it was formed.
1st Year History, Class 1C:
Study and revise all Roman History.
Write about a person living in Ancient Rome.
2nd Year History Class 2B:
Study and prepare for test on Monday: The Agricultural and Industrial Revolutions and the Great Famine in Ireland.
3rd Year History, Class 3E
Mock paper corrections to complete.
Answer all questions on the 2016 paper.
6th Year History:
Research Topic Reports to complete.
Revise the American History section on Race Relations, 1945-1989.

Ms Corbett
Leaving Cert Biology..continue revision of plant biology..revise chapters 24 , 25 and 26.
Write out definitions and draw and label all diagrams in the above chapters.
5th year biology...revise your respiration and respiratory system chapters. Write out all definitions and draw and label your diagrams.
5th year maths..revise your trignometry rules.check state exam archives for trignometry exam questions to practice.
3rd yr maths...redo your  mock paper 1 into your copy..(the questions that we have corrected)
Go onto the state exams website (archive section ) and complete paper 1 (2016) and paper 1 (2015) into your maths copy.
2nd yr maths...explain each of the following terms into your copy..
Isosceles triangle, equilateral triangle, scalene triangle, right angled triangle. hypotneuse, pythagoras rule, acute angle, obtuse angle, vertically opposite angles,  median , mode , mean, whats meant by AuB..AnB ..A' and B'....

Mr Griffin

6th year engineering can work on past papers from the Examinations.ie website.
Concentrate mainly on Q2-Q5-Q6-Q8. Also, continue working on the folder for the project.
5th years can do Q1-Q2-Q3 from the revision exercise on page 296 in the textbook.
2nd years can do Q1-2-3-4-5 from page 118 in the textbook.

Ms Ca Gallagher
Work has been posted onto google classroom for 5th Biology class 
1st year Science (Group A & F) see the following worksheet. CLICK

Ms C Doherty
Google classroom for 5th and 6th year music classes currently being updated.
Junior classes
2nd Year Music: Homework sheet given yesterday for Friday. Complete all melody answering phrases as well as Q1 and Q4.
3rd Year Music: Complete corrections on all composing sections of paper. Q7c and Q8c.
The new first year taster group started the week after mid term. Please attempt this worksheet.

Mr. Leyden

1st Year MTW  - Complete poster on boat project.
2nd Year MTW - Read next section in hand-tools chapter and complete mindmap on it.
2nd Year TG     - Revise for upcoming test on isometric.
3rd, 5th & 6th   - Work posted on Google classroom.

Ms Cunningham
Work added to Google classroom.

Ms Mc Partlan
Work added to Google classroom.

Ms Quigg
Work added to Google classroom.

Ms Bennett
6th Year Class
- Revise sraithpictiur and comhra for oral exam.
- Revise essays on mock exam.
5th Year Class
- Prepare for test on An t-Earrach Thair. 
- Write a story on Timpiste San Uisce 
3rd Year Class
- Re-do and improve postcard, blog and letter from mock exam, using the new  vocab taught in class.
2nd Year Class
- Prepare for test on Reoiteog Mharfach and An t-Adh.
- Revise phrases for story writing (Test next Monday).

Ms Plunkett
Work added to Google classroom. Codes as follwos if required.
3rd yrs: 4cp6gf
1st yr English : 15gfex 

Ms Mc Loughlin
1st year Maths
 Algebra revision q's textbook page 157. Answer parts (i) and (ii) only of each question.
A copy of the page is available on Google classroom - code 1bqbm8 if you do not have your textbook at home
2nd year Maths
Co-ordinate geometry worksheet
Available on Google classroom - code vuw5nh
2nd year Science
Complete pages 30 &31 of portfolio book
A copy of the pages is available on Google classroom - code g89n6p5 if you do not have your book at home. 
3rd year Science
Exam papers 2017 Chemistry section Q4,5 and 6
A copy of the pages is available on Google classroom - code vyawjvt if you do not have your book at home
5th year Physics
Both experiment on shc of water should be fully written up in your practical copy
Complete exam question - available on Google classroom  - code dqe7z

Mr O Neill
Assignment/revision work posted on relevant Google Classroom feeds.

Ms Harvey/Ms Lockhart
2nd years – Test is postponed until Monday, make sure plenty of revision of Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry
5th years – Book 2 Pg250+251, Q8,9,10
6th years – Correct Mock Paper 1

Mr Plunkett
Leaving Certificate Engineering - Study notes and special topic 2018


Ms Faherty
TY's - 4B & 4D
Please ensure you have completed your online Work Experience Diary by Monday of next week (05 March). The "Diary of Work Placement" app is found towards the bottom of the screen under the "World of Work" section.
****Update for 5th years below***

5th Year - 5D & 5F
Please ensure you have completed your Career Investigation on Google Classroom by Monday of next week (05 March).


Ms Gallen
Work for 5th yr H.E. class already posted on Google Classroom.
Work for 2nd yr H.E.class as follows:
1)Revise Chapters 33, 34, 35. (textiles).
2)Complete corresponding Questions in WORKBOOK Pg. 174-188.
3)Do corrections on last class test.
4)Keep working on project- craft item to progress it as far as possible.

Ms Mc Cafferty/Ms Mannion
Details work in the this link.

Mr Hegarty
Leaving Cert Chemistry - Click this link 
5th Year Chemistry - See Schoology

Mr Mc Loone
Work added to Google Classroom.

Ms Duane
5th year Biology
Show worked examples for: incomplete dominance, complete dominance, mono hybrid cross, dihybrid cross, linkage, sex linkage. State Mendel's 2 Laws and say when they are correct and when they are incorrect.
Give 3 reasons why salt is a compound and why salt-and-water is a mixture. What is chemical formula for salt, name elements in formula, how many atoms of each element in the formula. Is it possible to separate salt into its elements? Why?
Draw out an atom of Ar, K, H showing location and numbers of all 3 particles in the atom. What does atomic no. tell you about the atom. What does atomic mass tell you about the atom. When looking at an element on Periodic Table and each element has 2 numbers attached, how do you know which is atomic no. and which is atomic mass.

Mr Gallagher
2nd Year TG classes- Do a mindmap/ brainstorming on Orthographic projection
2nd Year MTW- Finish off mindmap from Mondays classes on Diseases and Defects
5th Year Construction- Finish off mindmap on Roofing from Mondays classes.

Ms L O Donnell
CSPE work 3F - Continue with exam papers and work on 2016. This paper can be accessed on examinations.ie


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