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‚ÄčActive School Flag at Abbey VS

The active school flag (ASF ) initiative is a department of education and skills initiative supported by Healthy Ireland which aims to get more schools, more active, more often. The ASF is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community

Our school is one of three schools involved in the ASF pilot program this year. With the Active school flag team, and guidance from the University of Limerick, we hope to help with the design of the new ASF Certificate Model for post primary schools this year.


Active Schools: A Student's Perspective

by Shona O'Brien, TY.

Our school is very proud to be involved in the pilot programme for the Active Schools Flag this year. Only three schools in the country are taking part in this exciting program. Coláiste Bride, Clondalkin, St. Olivers CC, Drogheda and Abbey Vocational school. The University of Limerick and the HSE are also part of the design process for the program and our pupils and staff will be involve  in a unique research project in how to solve the global issue of getting our teenagers moving more often.

The Active School flag is a whole school process to move away from the mind-set that the promotion of physical activity is the sole responsibility of the PE department. It is really important that the health, well-being, and academic benefits of being physically active are reinforced at all levels ad by many voices throughout the year. The Active School Flag team along with the student leaders will be working hard to get our staff and pupils in AVS moving and enjoying physical activity in many different ways throughout the normal school day and terms ahead.

Our launch of the ASF process kicked off with a school Tug of War competition sponsored by Tug of War Ireland.  The University of Limerick have visited the school on September 28th to begin the research on how active our pupils are and how we can get them moving more often.

Active Schools Banner - The Active Schools Banner was launched last Friday in the Abbey Vocational School. This part of the project is organised by Mrs O’Mahony and Active Schools Flag staff committee who include Mr Monaghan, Mr O Donnell, Ms Rooney  and the class 4C to help get students on their feet and more active. The committee includes Evan Gallagher, Katelyn Duffy, Cathleen Gallagher and Tomas Kingdom. 

Physical Education – Our school delivers a broad and balanced PE curriculum for catering for all students. Each class in the school has one double PE class each week. This year our 5th years are studying Leaving Cert Examinable PE for the first time. Our core senior classes are experiencing new methods of teaching and learning through the instructional models delivered as part of our framework.

Physical Sctivity – AVS provides many physical activity opportunities for students of all interests and abilities. The school has an extensive extra and co-curricular timetable for break times. Our aim this year is to promote physical activity within all subject areas.

Partnerships – Our school has always valued the student voice. This year through Active school flag, we will have two class reps from junior cycle classes and one from senior cycle classes that will be link to our ASF team and committee.

Active School week – we will host our annual Active Schools week again in April 2019. This focuses on fun and INCLUSIVE physical activity opportunities for both staff and students

Active School Flag (ASF) Week

On 8th-12th October was Active School Flag Awareness week. This was to raise awareness about the ASF across the whole school community. Class tutors gave a slideshow to their class with information on ASF. Each class group selected an ASF rep who will attend meetings throughout the year. 

A Look Forward & Work Completed

After a busy first term the active school flag committee are ready to launch into some new activities on the return to school. The ASF team, class 4C are now qualified tug of war community coaches and will run an inter school competition with the winners to take on the staff of AVS.  Student leaders have been auditing several areas in the school at lunchtimes and will now come up with ways of getting the students of AVS moving more often throughout the school day.

First and second year wellbeing classes will begin their 10 week block of ASF class and aid with all these tasks.  2A & 2D have already begun mapping out the potential school walkway which staff and students are keen to get up and running.

University of limerick will visit AVS again in November to interview the staff and students involved with active school flag. 

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