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Abbey Vocational School

The Abbey Vocational School is one of 15 schools administered by County Donegal Education & Training Board.
The Abbey is the largest of the 15 schools in the scheme.  It is a non-denominational school catering for approximately 800 students drawn from a catchment area at the northern tip of Donegal Bay.

Mission Statement
Abbey Vocational School is dedicated to the holistic development of students in a caring environment where tolerance and respect are nurtured and valued.

Aim of our School
The aim of the School is to allow the students to develop their spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional and physical potential and become fully mature human persons.

While respecting and acknowledging the rights of the students, our school also seeks to promote a safe and harmonious working environment for all our staff members.  This spirit of cherishing the personal welfare of each individual will not take from the social and community development of the students and the importance of their becoming caring and responsible citizens.  As reflected in the Motto and Mission Statement of the School, the School acknowledges and undertakes to cherish the Religious, Cultural and Historical Heritage of its students.

Principal: Ms Geraldine Diver
Deputy Principals: Mr Ronan Doherty
                                Mr Johnny Sweeney

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